Exercise is MEDICINE! Hence it is our missison to get people moving, staying fit and active! We understand that perhaps due to pain, injuries or simply lack of practice that it is hard to get started or continue to exercise or stay active.

We have designed these classes to ensure that your exercises are

  • tailored to you
  • progressed in a timely and safe manner
  • meet your goals

We generally require an initial assessment to identify and formulate a plan with you prior to joining one of our class.

All our classes are led by a physiotherapist or an exercise physiologist in a small group of 4 participants.

-      Strength and Stability (SAS) 

This class is aimed at improving strength and balance for falls prevention. It incorporates balance, strength and functional movement exercise principles ( this may involve free weights, theraband and foam pad)

-      Balance and Strength (BAS)

This class is aimed at encouraging efficiency and sub-maximal muscle control by using resistance (theraband, dumbbell, spring-loaded) and movement to facilitate both deep and global stability muscles in the shoulder girdle and trunk, trunk and lumbo-pelvic area. It incorporates principles of pilates, yoga, neuromuscular strength and functional movements training.

-      Mums and Bubs (MUB)

This class is aimed at improving strength and stability for women post birth in the lower back, pelvis, shoulder girdle and trunk areas. Helping to reduce abdominal separation - DRAM (diastasis recti abdominal separation), improving pelvic floor motor control, overall posture and general body conditioning for mums post-partum. Mums are encouraged to bring their bubs along to the class.

-      Stretch and Relaxation (SAR)  

This class is aimed at improving flexibility, decreasing muscular tension, improving body awareness and muscle tone, thus improving posture.

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