We have very experienced physiotherapist who will complete a thorough and detailed assessment to determine the diagnosis and in discussion with you, create a treatment/management plan.   

The assessment may involve:

  • taking a thorough history
  • observation of your posture and alignment
  • joint movement/range of motion
  • muscle strength and endurance
  • functional tests
  • RTUS ( real time ultrasound)

 Our treatment may involve: 

  • Manual therapy techniques (such as: soft tissue releases, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilizations, Mulligan’s techniques etc…) 
  • Strapping/tapping, customized splinting (thermoplastics), application of fiberglass cast for upper and lower limbs, boot fittings   
  • Dry needling, western acupuncture    
  •  Exercise prescription (for post op orthopaedic rehabilitation specific protocols, hydrotherapy programs, work conditioning program, strength and stability, stretching and flexibility, balance and proprioception, gym programs, S&C programs etc…)  
  •   Education regarding diagnosis, management and self-management, manual handling, ergonomics computer set up, falls prevention strategies etc…
  •   We also offer chest physiotherapy, home visits

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