Remedial Massage

A Remedial Massage Treatment consists of a client/ therapist consulation of what the clients problem areas are then the therapist advising the client the areas that will be worked on.

During the treatment the therapist will talk to you about your areas of concern and will ask you if the pressure being applied is suitable for you. Please dont be afraid to ask the therapist to adjust the pressure according to your pain threshold. The Remedial Massage Therapist will make  recommendations, such as the regularity of your appointments in order for your body to feel its best. Other recommendations the therapist might make may be the stretches and exercises that will help improve your area of concern and other homecare advice. The techniques of a remedial massage vary. Treatment may include soft or deep tissue techniques such as slow and deep manipulations and trigger points, stretching during the massage, digital frictions and effleurage.

There are many benefits of making remedial massage an important part of your wellness regime. Not only do they feel good and make you feel like your are floating on a cloud afterwards, the manipulation techniques used during treatment has many other benefits such as:

  1. Improves joint mobility – Through soft or deep tissue manipulatuions of the muscles surrounding the joints,  remedial massages can help improve your stiff and sore joints.
  2. Improves range of movement – When your muscles tighten, bodily movement can become restricted or inhibited. Having  consistant remedial massage treatments, your muscles are in the process of losening, allowing you to increase your range of movement.
  3. Reduces muscular pain- If you are suffering from muscular pain  due to work or exercise and its stopping you from doing the things you enjoy,  remedial massage  and stretching can reduce soreness and tension so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.
  4. Reduces physical and emotional Stress-  Remedial massages can reduce your stress levels by releasing endorphins, which are the body’s feel good hormone and reduces cortisol which is the hormone responsible for stress and pain.
  5. Increase your recovery period- Having systematic remedial massage reduces lactic acid build up, ridding your body of waste products due to excercise. This increases the nutrients in the bloodstream so that your muscles can repair themselves in a timely fashion.